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Sheets to the Wind Launches... Officially.

Today I bring the Sheets to the Wind brand 'public'.

...My labor of love I've been developing for the past several years...

To see it come alive brings me a combination of pride (that I built this!), anxiety (that people won't like it), anticipation (for what's next) and hope (for success).

The Why:

This isn't my full-time job. I actually work INSANE hours proudly selling cardiac stents to 14 hospitals around the Bay Area.

So why do all this?


Our Vascular headquarters is in Santa Rosa, so when my colleagues come to town (or when friends from all over the world come to visit this remarkable destination), everyone wants to know:

-where to taste

-where to eat

-where to stay

-what galleries to visit

-what trails to run...blah, blah, blah...

And I would send quick texts or emails detailing a few of my favorite spots.

But I wanted to offer more.

This brand is a crafty, creative outlet to provide all this info inside my head that I've gained, garnered and honed from growing up and living this dream here.

It took me MUCH longer to put together than I thought (or hoped), but my real job (and family and friends) come first...


There's a void in the area of awesome, fashionable Healdsburg paraphernalia.

Whenever I go on a trip, I buy a hat (or a tank or tee) to remind me of my fun experience.

There's NOTHING for sale in town that I'd least that's not singularly Healdsburg branded.

The What:

The men's tees were scorched by the printer. They actually used the word, "scorched".

So--that's lame. But I'm sure it won't be the first time...

My husband, Alex, and I wore my hats to Taste of Sonoma two weekends ago--and the unsolicited response was so exciting. Yay!


I hope you love and use this resource as much as I will.

Check back often as it will grow and change throughout the seasons.





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