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Any of these joints nail the experience.

In Town


Barndiva (and Gallery Bar & Bistro, next door)

A swanky spot with beautiful, skillfully prepared food and a lot of attitude. Get the goat cheese balls. Their cocktails are great. Their studio next door is even swankier and more spacious.

231 and 237 Center St, Healdsburg, CA


Bravas Bar de Tapas

Love gin? Love hand-crafted cocktails? Need a light snack? This place is perfect.

Beautiful day? Head to their outside bar in the backyard. Game you want to watch? The outside bar has TV! Cold out? Belly up to their indoor bar by a cozy fireplace. This place plays a lot of doo-wop music. It's my only complaint. I hate doo-wop. Can be a literal buzz kill. But I stomach it when the group I'm with wants to go here.

420 Center St., Healdsburg, CA

(707) 433-7700


Lo & Behold

This beautiful new space just opened by a couple beautiful ladies.

Incredible, craft cocktails meets gorgeous comfort food. Open all day and late. You must go here.

Get the fried chicken. 

214 Healdsburg Ave • Healdsburg, CA
(707) 756-5021

The Madrona

My happy place. An absolute must. (For everything: cocktails, snacks, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner...I swear.)

A swanky spot with beautiful, amazing-tasting food and a lot of style. Bridgerton meets Alice & Wonderland. 

1001 Westside Rd, Healdsburg, CA

(707) 395-6700

Molti Amici

New hip spot that took over Campo Fina. Elevated vibe, great food & cocktails.

Get the capricio cocktail. It's amazing.

Pro-tip: order all the crudos and a pizza for the table for your app...

use the crusts to slop every last drop of the crudo oils into your mouth.

330 Healdsburg, Healdsburg, CA

 (707) 756-3169

Montage - Healdsburg

Super high end, gorge resort just outside town w an incredible, newly renovated bar and great scene.

Get the crudité. The miso hummus is crack.

100 Montage Way, Healdsburg, CA

(707) 979-9000

Not in Town


The Bar @ The Dry Creek General Store

In the center of Dry Creek Valley sits one of the quaintest'd think you're on an old movie set. The Dry Creek General Store is now owned by Gallo but they preserved the look, feel and quality of the original space. The Bar, connected to the store, is the original dive bar of the Valley. Stiff drinks, cheap snacks abound but expect craft beers and solid wine on tap (Yes, wine. On tap.) You can also create a charcuterie spread from the deli next door and enjoy it and some cocktails out front...

3495 Dry Creek Rd., Healdsburg, CA 

(707) 433-4171


Geyserville Gun Club Bar & Lounge

Okay. This place is awesome. It just opened February of 2016 and it's hard to imagine the Geyserville strip before it was there. It might look like a dive bar but it's just a facade. Craft cocktails, beer and a simple wine list of local favorites are on the menu. Hungry? They've got snacks. This grosses me out but it's a beloved treat to so many people I call my I'll give you a heads up: They have cold pizza on the menu. They have MUCH better stuff too, so check it out.

21025 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville, CA

(707) 814-0036

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