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Who am I?


When journals like Harper's Bazaar call Healdsburg the "new California wine destination" and tell you to "forget Napa", it tends to turn some heads...


Over the past decade, Healdsburg has risen to the top echelon of wine country "must go to here" lists.


Many credit celebrity chef, Charlie Palmer, for putting Healdsburg on the map. What he saw (before his peers did) was not only a beautiful countryside but the quintessential formula for a booming food & wine destination town: the perfect climate to grow farm-fresh produce, local production of world-renowned wine and a town square ready for shops and restaurants to fill it. 


And the people! The people that live here are so proud of their town and know what to do with the bounty of Mother Nature's offering.

My Story

Living in a top destination town breeds curiosity and sometimes downright demands from friends and colleagues that live afar.


Everyone wants to know where to stay, eat and taste... What galleries to visit. What parks to hike. What boutiques to shop. What spas to indulge in. What wine clubs to join. If it's a good idea to rent bikes and go wine-tasting in the valley (spoiler alert: NO. that's never a good idea...more on that here...).


So when enough people ask for recommendations (and your reputation is on the line for making them), you build a website and blog about your lifestyle and how lucky you are to live here. 


My name is Leah Harris and I am born and raised in Sonoma County.


I am a self-proclaimed food and wine nerd with pedestrian taste in beer (Michelob Ultra, anyone?). 

I've been blessed with the most sensational (and huge) group of friends, an extraordinary family, four ridiculously cute cats (Yes. Four.) and a husband that spoils me.


I love scotch, whiskey and having 20 people over for dinner at the last minute.


The running trails are my church, the scenery my therapy. 


I've traveled all over the world and NOTHING compares to where I live.


Healdsburg is where I call home and helping people plan their perfect visit is my passion.

Thank you to all the amazing friends and family that helped bring this site to life; including, but certainly not limited to, my wonderful husband, Alex, my incredibly talented graphic design friends, Liz & Rich Pembroke of Pembroke Studios, my dear friend, Spence, my savvy group of girlfriends with the most discerning taste, and all the people that continue to make this town and surrounding valleys so fantastic.

Photo credit: Kim Carroll

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