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The first hot weekend of every summer, I book an open-top kayak from River's Edge, grab a few besties, a picnic lunch and my fave bottle of rosé and head down the Russian River for the day. It defines summer. And paradise.

River's Edge Kayak & Canoe

They rent canoes too...but I've flipped one too many of these and nothing sucks more than wet towels and Doritos.

Confession: I eat Doritos when I kayak.

They just downsized their outfit by 50%, so book your trip as much in advance as possible.

And ask to be put on a waitlist if they can't accommodate you at first. 

Chances are, there'll be a cancellation and you might be able to go after all!

Grab a picnic from one of these great spots.

They have ice and coolers there for you to use. 

And if they help you out at the end of your trip...those guys love tips!

Book your trip here.

#1 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA

Office: 707-433-7247
Urgent: 707-756-0556


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