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Did you know that champagne can only be called, "Champagne", if it's produced in the Champagne region in France...Otherwise, for the most part, it's called, "Sparkling Wine"? 
Josie does.
Josie is bright, confident, wise and sassy. And when you see her, she makes you smile.
Be like Josie. Wear this (super soft) (extremely flattering in all the right places) tank.
Charcoal gray with white and metallic gold lettering.

"The Josie", Sparkling Wine Racerback Tank


    • Wearing a SIZE SMALL tank
    • Usually wears a size US Small (2-4)
    • Height: 5’5 (and a half)
    • Bust: 32D/34C

    What Josie Likes Most About Living in Healdsburg:

    “Everything! I love the artisanal lifestyle. I go to the bakery for my bread, my favorite farms for my produce, A. Rafanelli for my olive oil, Dragonfly for my flowers…”

    Josie’s Favorite Time of the Year in Healdsburg Is:

    “Harvest. It’s beautiful, romantic and perfect. Grapes bouncing out of the back of trucks on my way to work, over-abundance of produce at the farms, cool nights, the smell of fermenting grapes, dinner parties and fabulous wine with friends.”

    Josie has lived in Healdsburg since 2001. She says, “It’s home. I love it here.”


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